Thursday, December 9, 2010

Is time to "TAKE A BREAK!!!

Is time to take a break after a busy schedule of working and studying part-time. I need a break and fully recharge myself as next year will be another tough year for me.

I will go to Phuket and find my friend who is doing her research ........ and it will be 2 people vacation.Hmmm....let me rephase "2 " Pretty Girls Vacation in Phuket. Oh have been a long time I never go to beach, Island .......sun!!! Yeah....

My brother send me to Penang International Airport as I will depart from Penang alone to Phuket. Actually, I really feel warm as my brother accompany me until the time I went in the departure hall. The feeling of get accompany is great.... (hahahaha). Just wonder why sometimes I will become so sentimental.

After an hour flight, I reached Phuket International Airport safely and searching for my name in the arrival hall. Then another hour of journey from Airport, I reached Patong beach and will stay in Nirvana Guest House for the entire vacation.

Picture will upload soon .......

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