Friday, May 27, 2011

Autographs, Cards, School Magazines......

Picture, Autographs, Letter, Cards, Souvenirs, School magazines …..etc was what I found when doing my packing. Honestly, I do enjoy myself when doing the clean-up.

I manage to read all the autographs since standard 6, Form 5, Upper 6 and Final Year of Degree. All the autographs all well written with beautiful words, phrase, Birth of Date and attachment of photograph. This is really sweet ……

Besides autographs, I do manage to find some letter. I just wonder why last time we like to pass letter around. We do express the feeling using letter and I do surprise when I read some of the letter. Hahaha – just wonder what their reaction is if I show those letters to them. Anyway, some of them already lost contact.

Albums do store lots of my memories. There is photo taken during activities in school such as camping, hiking, meeting, cheering, picnic etc……I always believe all those bad memories will become sweet memories after several years. As when you look bad, you will feel how silly you are at the moment of time.

Thanks for all the great memories. It is no matter, whether you just pass-by in my life as for me are the sweet memories you have give to my life.

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