Friday, July 29, 2011

Hungary (3) - Weighing machine

Is time to reload our refrigerator.......we decide to go Market and get some fresh vege food.I really like the morning market in Debrecen.

The weighing machince or weighing scale really catch my attention ..... I think we hardly can find this machine in our wet market.

What is does it means in the write paper? I really don't know ........ Don't you feel this weighing machine is nice?????

Hungary (2) - Pizza Day

Wednesday = Pizza Day!!!
What a great place to work as today our manager decide to treat the entire team Pizza.....
I do enjoy my pizza as the taste of pizza do taste good.

Pizza di Casca

Name of this Pizza ? I forget as is recommend by my mentor.....

Very good......

Our team......

Ready for group photo.....faster take place!!!

Cheese.......everyone is happy!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hungary (1) - University of Debrecen

Hungary is a really beautiful place and currently I will be located at Debrecan for 3 months. I really like here and when I writing this mind is thinking of getting the DSLR as soon as possible. so many special moments need to be capture on my 3months assignment .........

This first blog of my adventure Hungary trip will be the University of Debrecan and now the university is not fully operate because it was summer holiday. Anyway, here is some of the picture i snap during our short visit.

Hmmmm - What do you all think this university compare to Malaysian university?

Warm Welcome .......

First day reporting to Hungary office and we received a really really warm welcome especially from our team. Honestly, i really feel warm and thanks for everything !!!

Mentor have been assign to guide me for the 3 months assignment and guess which is my mentor in the photo ???

Unload and Reload

I back to Penang on Monday after my  Rainforest World Music Festival. It was a enjoyable trip and i do enjoy myself even I am sick. Thanks for Debie and Rachel for everything.........and looking forward for the next gathering maybe in Penang.

I unload all my luggage once I reach home as I need to get ready for leaving Penang again for my training. Honestly, I really excited and looking forward for an interesting journey of 3 months in Hungary.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rainforest World Music Festival

This is my second time to Sarawak as last trip was in year 2005. This time, i flight to Sarawak just to attend the Rainforest World Music Festival with my friends.We have planned for this trip early this year and i nearly cannot make it due to my tight schedule.

Special thanks to Debie and Rachel for take good care on i am sick during the trip. Hope we will have another gathering again when i back to home. It is cool to chat with both of you.

Highlight of the event:

Rainforest Ticket : RM110/day 

Are you ready? We are really exicited.....

Rachel & Debie

This is a good experience for me........

Penang - Kuala Lumpur - Armsterdam - Budaphest

Announcement : I am in DEBRECAN, HUNGARY!!!

After more than 24 hours flights from Penang and about 3 hours drive from Budaphest we finally reach Debrecan.......This is a nice place and will explore more about this beautiful place once i have time.

Now is 4.45am in the morning and i am awake......goshhhhhh (Jet-Lag)!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lotus Notes - I will try to love you!!!

I need to learn to love "LOTUS" and forget the "OUTLOOK"......Hahahaha!!!! 


2 days 1 night trip..........This will be my most memorable trips. We depart from Penang at 4.30pm and reach IKEA around 8.00pm. Then the next day we depart from KL at 6.30am to BKT TINGGI and GENTING.

After GENTING, we travel back PENANG and reach home at 2.30am. I guess we are really crazy with this interesting journey.

Farewell Dinner

Thank you for all my colleague for the farewell dinner (expensive farewell dinner ) .....but paid by BOSS.(Luckily BOSS is here during my farewell )

Birthday celebration + Farewell Cake

Beside to my team, I also feel appreciate for external manafacturing team which organize another farewell lunch for me. ( Thank You !!! ).

Thank you for all the sweet memories and blessing...........