Sunday, July 24, 2011

Warm Welcome .......

First day reporting to Hungary office and we received a really really warm welcome especially from our team. Honestly, i really feel warm and thanks for everything !!!

Mentor have been assign to guide me for the 3 months assignment and guess which is my mentor in the photo ???


  1. I am here for training only .... here is a really nice place and maybe I can consider to migrate here.....What you think ?

    How is everything now? So long never hear from you.

  2. I encourage u to migrate there! Once in a lifetime experience while we're still young right?

    Life like that lor, same like before & getting busier & stress :(
    Take care, don't forget to inform me if u meet & marry with the Hungarian :)

  3. Siapa lar saya....Hahahaa.
    Sure will inform you if i manage to find how are you recently? No news from you.

    Finish MBA already?

  4. the tall guy behind you looks handsome~~~ go kahwin him la