Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Loss of Appetite due to stress?

This few days, I really loss of appetite. I remember the last time I facing this problem due to I face some relationship problem and working issues.

Hmmm - I just wonder why after ate, I will throw up!!! ( Sometimes ). I know I need to take care myself and seriously I am not on diet. The only reason I can think of maybe is the signal of I cannot take early breakfast.....this seem ridiculous explanation.

I have defer my study and only will start next year and STRESS should not be the answer. Currently, what is the root cause of I loss appetite......

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Moods

One month ........Christmas !!! Hmmm - I really like Christmas because is time of give present and receive present....hehe.

During Christmas, I will get a present for myself  :)  Last year, I reward myself with fantastic vacation and this year what should I get for myself?

P/S: Downloading christmas song!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Conversation between Heart and Brain (3)

Is 12.08am, heart and brain just plan to start working.

Heart: Hey, I thought we have agree that we should not bring the work back home.
Brain: Yes, yes.....but
Heart: But what? Is that you not efficient, why you alwalys not able to finish you work?
Brain : I also don't know, maybe.....
Heart: If you are not efficient then no choice you must do......
Brain: you really like you job.
Heart: Erggghhhhh..........

Monday, November 7, 2011

Conversation between Heart and Brain (2)

Heart: Is time to sleep
Brain: Hmmmm, I plan to go bed as well.

Few hour later, still cannot fall asleep

Heart: I guess I am in stress as I have no idea what am I worry.
Brain: Hey, heart I think you must calm down and don't be too stress.
Heart: I know but the problem now is I cannot, I do feel pressure because tomorrow want to work!!!
Brain: Huh, do you know what you do is impacting me as well?
Heart: I know as we must have synchronize with each other.

Hungary (13) - Pancake

Cooking time again.....
Here is the handmade pancake which we make in our hostel.
The ingredients of this pancake is what I can find in my kitchen:
  • Flour
  • Egg
  • Sugar
  • Chocolate Butter
It is really simple and nice as well :)

The world most Powerful People

The list of most powerful people just release last few days......
Here are below the list of top 10 and if you all want to review the Top 70 please refer

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hungary (12) - Cheese

I not a big fan of cheese but I know cheese is a good combination with wine.

I do try some of the cheese but I do taste all the same....Hehehe... 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Conversation between Heart and Brain (1)

I want to sleep but just wonder why my brain keep working !!!

Heart: Please take a good rest!!!
Brain: Ok, but I still cannot finish my work. E-mail keep coming ......
Heart: Who cares about the unfinish work. Just go and sleep!!!
Brain: It is your responsible to complete it.
Heart: Take it easy as work not able to complete.
Brain: I wish I can but I just too stubborn.
Heart: You must learn to STOP !!! or learn when to give up!
Brain:  Hmmmm, I also don't know

I guess this is what happening and the conflict between my heart and my brain.