Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Resolutions - 2012

A few hours to go and we will move to 2012. What are your New Year resolutions?
Below will be my resolutions of the year 2012 which I hope to achieve and I guess this year the list will grow longer …….

1.       Spend more times with family member.

2.       Open up my heart.

3.       Upgrade my skills especially in the tactical procurement (which I really dislike).

4.       Learn to be patient. (Biggest obstacle as I am not a really patient type of people).

5.       Ensure that my room will be 100% ready.

6.       Get a study table.

7.       Complete my MBA project management this year.

8.      Read more books, news and etc……

9.       Plan a place for vacation.

10.   Don’t be lazy and try to groom to office.

11.    Exercise and workout on my ideal weight.

12.    Join at least 5 or more 10Km run.

13.    Baking and cooking (I need to get a oven for the baking).

14.    Be confident in myself and do align with heart & brain.
15.   Think positive and find enjoyment in what I am doing.
16.  Treat people good.
17.  Keep contact with the old friends no matter how busy. ( I will try to do this as I know I not really get in touch with most of my old friend due to my busy schedule).
18.  Save money - need to control spending.

Wrap Up 2011

Wrap up time for 2011!!!

  • Move to a new place and my mum is here too !!!
  • Extended family member - Welcome Xuan (nephew) and Ayako (Sisrer-in-Law) to our family.
  • Move to a new company.
  • Defer my MBA class.
  • Change car ( Kancil ---- > Saga ).
  • Go to Hungary and Vienna.
  • Own a room ( not 100% complete yet )
  • Joined 10km run.
  • Attended the World Music Festival at Sarawak.
  • Make lots of new friends and meet lots of great people
  • Learn to be patient ( still learning very hard )
  • etc...........
Thank you to my family (include godbrother & tailo ) and friends. I just wish to tell you......
"You all are GREAT!!! "

Happy New Year 2012.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Present

Let's view my christmas present @ 2012 Birthday present .....

From the photo, you can see I have a pair of new running shoe !!! This will accompany me for any 10KM races in 2012 and I really hope my foot will recover as soon as possible and I can get back to shape.

I get a watch as well with my favourite design. I not sure do if I post something on the story of leather watch .....

Seriously, thank you very much for all the present. I also received present from my ex-colleague and you all are really great.

The feeling of receving present is really great .....even giving is fun too!!! Honestly, this really touch my sentimental heart ....and this alwalys reminds me that I am not alone.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Working Dress

I seldom wear dress to work......because I just lack confident on myself of wearing dress.
Aside from that, I alwalys feel "confident" when I wore pants.
Yesterday, I wore a dress to work.....and I feel Ihave tummy !!!! Gosh.....
I know I really need to workouts......but since I injure my foot it have been a good excuse for me to delay my exercise.

Doctor ask me to rest for 5 weeks ......and I am thinking of starting some light exercise soon.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Conversation between Heart and Brain (4)

Is time for conversation between heart and brain again!!!

Brain: Heart, I know you still not agree with lots of things right?
Heart: Yes, I am......
Brain: Is that you feel better now.... if I not mistaken you have been back for nearly 2 months.
Heart: Hmmmm ....... I am not sure !!!
Brain: Honestly, I know you still not really happy with the job....
Heart: Brain, you know I am trying very hard to love my job, right?
         : Anyway, I guess the only thing I can do is keep telling myself that tomorrow is better day.
Brain: Yes, you need to motivate yourself.
           As your friend, sometimes I intend to tell you why not you just go and find a job that you like
           .........but on the other hand I think you can go through this.
Heart: I know I can do it....but sometimes "miss emotion" just come and disturb me.

Reading Kenny Blog

He is the same age with me and I feel he is so successful.
By the age of 28 years old, he really have achieve so many things that not achieve by me.