Sunday, December 4, 2011

Conversation between Heart and Brain (4)

Is time for conversation between heart and brain again!!!

Brain: Heart, I know you still not agree with lots of things right?
Heart: Yes, I am......
Brain: Is that you feel better now.... if I not mistaken you have been back for nearly 2 months.
Heart: Hmmmm ....... I am not sure !!!
Brain: Honestly, I know you still not really happy with the job....
Heart: Brain, you know I am trying very hard to love my job, right?
         : Anyway, I guess the only thing I can do is keep telling myself that tomorrow is better day.
Brain: Yes, you need to motivate yourself.
           As your friend, sometimes I intend to tell you why not you just go and find a job that you like
           .........but on the other hand I think you can go through this.
Heart: I know I can do it....but sometimes "miss emotion" just come and disturb me.

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