Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Working Dress

I seldom wear dress to work......because I just lack confident on myself of wearing dress.
Aside from that, I alwalys feel "confident" when I wore pants.
Yesterday, I wore a dress to work.....and I feel Ihave tummy !!!! Gosh.....
I know I really need to workouts......but since I injure my foot it have been a good excuse for me to delay my exercise.

Doctor ask me to rest for 5 weeks ......and I am thinking of starting some light exercise soon.


  1. hey girl, I'm sure you would have look great in skirt!! Yes I do agree that you will not be comfortable in skirt initially since you're not used to wearing it for work(the same goes for me).But I am sure your tummy is not just need to wear it more often to feel comfortable! :) ! Have a good rest dear, hope that you have speedy recovery! :)

  2. Ellwye : Thanks and I am waiting you to back Penang.

    Halim : Hi bro,I just ligament injure. It will be ok soon since I rest for 5-8 weeks now before I start any sports again :)