Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Suddenly I think of this......" INEQUALITY"

Generally, human are attracted to beautiful things and this include pretty people.
If you ask me......I do feel guys will naturally treat pretty people nicer than the one which  look ordinary. Even some of them will deny but I do think this is truth !!!!

Sometimes, I do find this interesting and this really happen especially in my surrounding. It is fun to find out .......


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

8 years ......

Sometimes I really don't understand why break-up .....
After 8 years of relationship, then you ask for break-up with the "stupid" reason....
" I lost the spark of love with you" .....

Seriously, when I heard my friend telling me this is the main reason he call for break-up....I just feel I want to give him a slap !!! If there is no spark, who should be blame ? You or your girlfriend? I know I not in the position to judge who is right and who is wrong but I just feel bad when I hear the news.

As usual I just try to be a good listener and will not provide any advice for my friend even I not really  know what he thinking is right or wrong......but deep inside my heart I really don't understand what actually was in his mind.


Merry Christmas 2012

What is so different on this year Christmas?
Nothing really special on this Christmas for me…..just celebrate with the friends. Out from home around 530pm and back home about 130am. I not really feel the celebration mood at all. Just wonder this happen because the age factor or pressure of examination and work.

Actually I just hang out on the Christmas Eve as an excuse to take a break after the thesis submission. This Christmas Eve outing do introduce me for few new place such as Cheers (dinner) , Humble Beginning ( dessert) and CHINAHOUSE ( coffee ). Seriously, it was my first time to these places and this make me realize that it have been long time after my last outing.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thesis more paper to go !!!

Done more paper to go at 4 Jan 2013 !!! To ensure myself will finish the study on time I must pass the Spanish paper........

Serious I have no confidient at all....just wish me all the best.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saturday... 15 December

15 days to go.....for 2013 !!!
Today not really productive for me.......

- Send my thesis for hardcover binding
- yamcha with my sister ( get christmas present from her !! )
- take a nap on the noon
- chatting with mum
- cleaning up my book rack
- plan : preparing my spanish revision

I just realize that .........I do have collection of Moo Moo family and currently there is additional new member of the zoo.....rat !!!

Moo Moo family photo
Rat & Elephant (Just wonder really cannot be a good friend? )


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Change JOB !!

Today someone tell me that I should change job....
because this current job no really suit me....

What you think?

Someone propose me to do some job related to Sales......
So should I try to take risk on 2013?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Falling down......

If you fall down,it will be okay to cry......
Just remember after that you will get back up......
Never give up because falling down just a reminder to us......
Learning and enjoying the process of fall down is important..........

This is what come to my mind now..........after watching some of the documentary short film today.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

Congratulations to Zhi & Jasmine :)

Last weekend, attended my best friend wedding at Hotel Maya,Kuala Lumpur. Really feel happy for both of them and hope next year I will able to see little Zhi or little Jasmine.

Sorry for unable spend sometimes with both of them since I need to catch the early bus back to PENANG on the next day. Anyway, I will surely spend sometimes next year in Kuala Lumpur.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Last weekend of November .....

Last weekend of NOVEMBER .......
Next week it will be a really busy weekend for me......
I will be away to attend my best friend wedding in KL ......
I will attend the wedding by myself and I am preparing myself answer some of the expected question :)

This weekend, I just accompany my sister shopping shopping and shopping since Christmas just around the corner.....and personally I really like Christmas !!
I really hope today is Saturday as I really really lazy to work.
Is still 2 months to go.......I must work hard, study hard and believe on myself.

Let's hope I will have a very interesting trip of 36 hours trip at KL on 1st December.


Monday, November 19, 2012

VIVA done.....

Trust me sometimes luck do play an important role in the VIVA presentation
I guess today I not really have a good luck as getting a "killer" examiner for my VIVA.
Last semester my senior have the same examiner and he do feel that this examiner really have problem in undestand the IB student thesis which is based on case I face the same problem as examiner question  me on the sample size and I inform her according to the guidelines we are require to have minumum 3 respondent.

Examiner even propose me to do half qualitative and half qualitative thesis......I just feel speechless as for IB student we must do a qualitative research which require us to be place outside Malaysia for 2 weeks. Seriously, I really have trouble to defend each of her question.

Anyway, it have already pass and nothing much I can do for now. The correction list will be ready by next Thursday and not sure how much correction require me to amend in the final thesis. My supervisor do tell me that not to be worry as I do pass my VIVA just maybe I not in a good luck as get a very strict or should I said do not understand the requirement of IB student.

Many things need to focus on tomorrow even deep inside my heart I do feel lazy to work due to the current working environment/job scope. I still need to work hard for the least to pass in this semester before I can get out from the tunnel.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

First Half Marathon....

I manage to finish my first Half Marathon Run.....Personally, nothing to be proud as I take 3 hour 40 min to finish the run.  I should be happy as able to finish the run without any of the training.

Anyway, I decide to participant this half marathon even I have the most important presentation tomorrow. Sometimes, I just wonder why I make myself so tired...........maybe I just want to remember the feeling of reach the finish line.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yum Cha-ing

Finally, I manage to meet my senior after more than a year never meet.
She is my senior in my ex-company....
Lots of update from her regarding some of my ex-colleague.

One of the most interesting update is one of my friend have broke-up with his 8 years relationship girl friend. Serious, I am really shock to hear on this news as last year both of them just manage to get a house together.Just wonder "we understand each other too much, so I think is better to break up" is valid reason? Hmmm.........

Then as usual, as a sister she do ask for the update from me.......such as "HOW" is my life, study, work........and last but not least do I have a boyfriend. Actually, I know she is care and concern on me but sometimes the last question really hard to answer. As usual my standard answer is NOPE and any good recommendation.....hahaha.

Anyway, it is a great night chatting with her ....thinking back on when I join in the company as entry buyer and after changing few job we still have a good relationship. Hahaha......

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Getting worst....

Just wonder what happen to me condition getting worst.
My stomach not really fully recover.....
I did it again..vomit.....

And now have a mild fever.....
Feel is freezing even I with my blanket ......
Gosh !!!! When I can be a healthy piggy again ("@")

Saturday, November 10, 2012


A : Hey Angel, recently you have become anti-social .
Angel : Hmmm ....not really as recently kinda busy so not really have time ....

I have been label as " antisocial"  .......because I not really attend gathering and stay at home. I guess staying at home is really my option now till next year. It is really tired to work and study on the same time.

Monday, November 5, 2012

A for myself .....

No matter how is the outcome in next 2 weeks.....
As for now.....I am giving myself "A" for trying my very best to getting it done on time.

Writing a 70pages stuff is really not easy and I should said is hard because I do it at last minutes...
Guess I need to blame on myself........for keep delay the writing.
I also need to apologise to many people for "fong fei kei" at last minute .......promise yamcha on me :)

Another interesting week......
Let's hope all the best to I need to ensure I will able to stay strong till the end.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Take a break !!

I go out with my friend for a break...
Gosh.......can you imagine I am searching my inspiration everywhere......

I still need to continue writing but  I am lazy now.
Today I am not productiv at all e and just wonder how can I speed up the process of writing.


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Light is there......

Sometimes, I really feel amaze with myself........
I walk through the tunnel and along the way I feel tired.....
Even now I am trying  really hard to gather my strength to continue walking.....
I can feel the light even I cannot see it......

Yesterday, I received a call from my friend....
She just enroll the part-time study and telling me that she feel tired.....
And I guess my role in the conversation is be a listener.....I am trying my best to tell her...
It will be fine.......Just keep working and do get me if you need any help !!

Gosh, I am really amaze with myself.....
I am telling people that.....don't worry as everything will be ok.....
I am telling people will use to it soon.....
I am telling people yourself.....
I am telling people that.....everyone have done it so you can do it...
Especially with my help and support.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

2011 vs 2012

Do spot our differences.....
This is what I do when I do not have idea to write.......
Seriously, it was really hard to gather together due to busy schedule even we are in the same company....
Actually we still miss someone in this photo.....


Friday, October 26, 2012

New office :)

Are you feel exiceted?
My answer is .....feeling neutral.

Ok, here is photo of my new office.
I really like the cubicle even it is small....but at least I have my own personal space.
Besides that, I am locate far far away from my boss.......

Below picture is capture when I have discussion with mechanical team member. I can just stop discussion and enjoy the photography session.

I manage to grab a piggy to my new cubicle from SK.....hahaha. This little chocolate piggy will accompany me and I promise I will not put you into my stomach.

Welcome to Angel's collection of ZOO

Hmmm.....after few stress posting I decide to post some happy news :)

Let's welcome new members in my ZOO collection Mr. E.L.E.P.H.A.N.T.

Baby Mr Elephhant
Now my Zoo members include Piggy, Cow Cow, Monkey and Elephant.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another post in October.....

Is recently or today I am super tired......
I just wonder why my work will not finish........ and how am I suppose to like my work.
Again .... again ......and again....

The journey really make me exhausted....turning and turning around seaching for the way out...
I am so miserable and lost......
Where is the Angel ......where is my Whitelighter?
It have been many nights.....I not really in a good sleep.

Sometimes I worry on my work more than my study....
But study really make me tired as well....

I also not sure what am I writing,
I just know I am really tired but I still cannot sleep.
I don't want to on my e-mail as I worry I will keep working and later I will awake in the midnight due to dream.......

I know I must relax....
Take a deep breath........and everything will be come to the end soon....
Really very soon........


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Officially sick again !!!

October, I visited a clinic again !! Actually I have forget how many times I have visited clinic for this year.......

Actually, I really hate to fall sick because of I need to go and visit doctor by myself ...... then driving back alone and tell everyone that I am good and not to be worry. After I had my medicine, I sleep from 5pm to the next morning. Seriously, I sleep more that 12 hours .....and this really a record to me :)
Since I already promise to attend the Lantern Festival organize by my colleague...even I am sick I still can push myself to attend. Oh NO !!!  I just not really can eat but I guess it will be ok to be there and play lantern. It have been long time I never play lantern :)
Hmmm - what can I said more......feel warm with all the blessing and wishes of speedy recover. I will take care myself and will ensure that my bag will have foods inside. Aside from that, even stay late I will take care myself.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thinking of you....when I am stress !!

Just wonder, how are you? Hope you are really good.....
I know is really my bad as when I am stress or not happy .... I only will think of you.

Promise is promise..... I never let you down as I keep walking alone in the tunnel.
Promise is promise......I try to be good as I believe you will be there to guide me.
Promse is promise.......but sometimes I do forget your advice - I know I should be happy and enjoy.
Promise is promise......I am taking good care of myself even sometimes I do not able to sleep on time.
Promise is promise......I do make lots of great friend out there....

Anyway, I really hope you can be my side now.....we can go and have a coffee perhaps.
It really have been long times you not appear in my dreams....have you forget me ?

" One of the reasons why we hold on to memories so tight is because, memories are the only things that don't change when everything else does"

I guess that the reason why I alwalys think you are the you only leave me with good memories !!!


Friday, September 28, 2012

Dislike...dislike and super dislike !!!

I just wonder....
Why I be angry?
Why I be emotional?

Gosh...... !!! Just wonder is that because own bias on the people.......
I really dislike the way the e-mail have been compose........
I try to refuse on any advice given to me........
I lazy to find excuse to comfort myself........
Seriously, I feel tired.......dealing with this kind of people.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

September ....... October ......

1 more weeks and October will arrive........
Serious time flies and I am keep running to chase it and hope it will STOP !!!!
This coming few weeks will be my most tough week in the year of 2012 ......perhaps :)
The dead-lines for the draft submission for thesis management is coming and I still not yet able to complete ......
My Spanish class have start and I still not yet do any revision for this subject.....I really worry as my aim is to get a better grade than last semester. As usual my Spanish class will have lots lots lots of work .....and exam ....
New plant is ready and we will move to the new office as the buyer will keep busy chasing for materials.....

Just wonder when this will be end......look like I will have a really happening end of the year.
Seriously, this is really tired ........
and I just wonder..........when this will be end....I am walking and keep walking in the dark tunnel !!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A night at Gurney Paragon

Tonight I am staying at my friend house at Gurney Paragon .....
We have a good chat and the place is really nice.

Hope to have a good rest as tomorrow we are joining the STARWALK.....



Friday, September 7, 2012

Why I feeling guilty.....

I lost focus again....
Sometimes, I really don't know.......
I not understand .......

Yesterday night I really feel tired so I decide not to do my work.
Initally, I should not feel bad as it was after my office hour......but after I read those mail in this morning.....I really feel bad and guilty as I not checking my mailbox yesterday night.

Tonight, again......I really not in a mood to check my mail after office hour.

I know actually this is really serious as I really lost motivate and passion.
I'm still in searching mode after 1 year 3 months......hahaha ( sometimes I am laughing at myself ).


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Conversation between Heart and Brain (6)

I still awake......what am I doing now !!!

Heart: Brain, do you know I really love the silent night.....where I am alone doing my own work.
Brain : I know but I guess is time to go to bed since is nearly 1am already.
Heart: Yes ..yes..I will do so. Actually so many thing in my heart now.
Brain: What is that.....Is work again ? Study?
Heart: I am getting worry on my study and on the same time I really really really feel lazy to go work.
          Do you know I really lost my passion in work.
Brain: Take it slowly and now faster go to sleep.

I guess this is the end of conversation and is time for me to go bed.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Interesting India Part 5 : Something interesting to share.....

Interesting India Part 4 : Trip plan for 2 days 1 Night ( Mysore & Belur)

Let's me share the trip plan .......
Since I am in Bangalore, India so I guess no matter what happen I shall arrange a trip for myself. I really amaze with the statue, sculptures  and history of India after this trip .

First Day:

7-8am : Breakfast at Kamat Lokarunchi (55km from Bangalore) or Adigas (80km from Bangalore) . If you not really interesting on the local food then you may stop at Cafe Coffee Days ( India's equivalent of Starbuck) along the way to Mysore.

10am : It was expected you will reach Mysore so just proceed to visit the Palace. The place is really big and you may spend few hours there and remember to get an audio transalator if you interested on their history.

1.00pm : Lunch at Hotel Regaalis. I really enjoy my lunch there as it will be my first international buffet after a week in Bangalore.

2.00pm : Proceeed to Krishna Raja Sagar ( Botanical Gardens ) and it was 20 km from Mysore.
Seriously, if you have time I will propose you stay there till the night to see the interesting night view. I miss the night view.

5.00pm : Chamundi Hills ( If you are lucky, you will able to see the sunset ) and there is a temple in the hills which you can visit.

630pm: You can head to Devraj Urs road for evening road and have dinner at Royal Orchid Metropole. I do skip this as I not really take my dinner so I just proceed to hotel and have a good rest,

Second Day:
7am : Have breakfast at Mysore before proceed to Belur. Go to Mylari Hotel in Nazarbad and order Masala Dosa which cost you INR 20/piece.

Hotel Original Mylari
#79, Nazarbad Main Road,
Mysore – 570010.

100% local experience and you may need to share table as the restaurant is small.

7.45am : You may start your journey to Belur and it take about 3 hours.

10.45am : You shall reach the temple and you need to take 2-3 hours to enjoy the outstanding temple. You may get a guide to have a better understanding on the historical of the temple. Look at the sculpture as the architecture have been more than thousand years old.

1230pm : There is not really lots of choice so you just grab anything to eat. Then you can go to Shravanabelagola.

2.00pm : It take 5 hours from Belur to Bangalore. Gosh !!! Such a long journey.


Interesting India Part 3 : Striking Green Chicken Rice

I am very hungry !!! I go through the room service menu and I order Lee Foo Chicken Rice which was under Chinse Cuisine.
TADAH !!!!

Suprise, here is my dinner "Striking Green Colour" rice. Seriously, I have a shock when I see the chicken rice but because I am too hungry ...... I force myself to eat some of the chicken rice. The taste is acceptable just the combination of the colour just weird for me.


Interesting India Part 2 : Luggage Delay

I am so unlucky as when I reach Bengaluru International Airport at about 10pm, I see my name in the board of luggage collection area. Miss Yeong please proceed to the luggage counter.
Oh NO!!! I am so worry on that time as I thought my luggage is lost. I walk to the counter and hope the people in charge able to tell what actually is happen. He told me that my luggage still in Singapore and apologize for their mistake. I shall able to get back by tomorrow as SIA will send over it my hotel. Guess I am too tired and really do not have energy for arguement with SIA so I just tell them what should I do as all my attire in the a minute they pass me INR 2500.
Things have happen and I could not do anyting, so I just proceed to arrival hall and searching for my name. Yeah, I see my name and just proceed to get in the car and reach hotel after one and half hour journey.
Then I just check in the room and sleep .
* Picture above is what I do with the scraft for shopping day * 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Interesting India Part 1 - Checklist before Depart on 11 August

Yes, I am going to India :)

What should be in my checklist before depart ....
  • Ensure ticket purchase ( Penang - Singapore - Bangalore )
  • Visa ready - it take about a week to process and it's was really simple. (  just go to this link and follow few simple process then just drop by the India Service Centre (Penang) with your passport, photo and cash.
  • Get letter from USM ( This is to ensure I am the student of USM and will conduct a research for the organization)
  • Food ( As usual I will bring my favourite chocolate drink together with me - MILO !!! )
  • Change INR and US Dollar.
  • Call Credit Card centre to inform them on the duration of the trip. This is to ensure credit card will not block for purchase.
  • Extra battery for handphone, camera , charger for laptop, camera and handphone.

Remember to do online checking to avoid long queue.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Care & Love

Care & love from all of you really make me warm :)
Seriously, I feel bless with the care and love all of you have show to me.

Appreciate and I promise will take good care of myself.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Counting down.....4...3...2...1 !!

I am feeling worry more than exicited for my trip on this Saturday. I guess because I hear too much on the negative side.

Really cannot imagine how would it be as I will travel alone this time budget :)  Aside worry on the travel I do start to worry on lots of stuff such as work , food, transportation and.........

I really need to stay safe all the time and hope I will meet with lots of good people. Just pray for me to be safe till I back.

Monday, August 6, 2012

I cannot recall how many years actually you have gone !

I nearly forget how long you have been leave me!! All the memory have been fade away slowly but I don't know why I am missing you now......

I remember that I do promise you that I will be stay happp and believe you will be there to protect me and help me. Recently, I really cannot feel your existance ..... just wonder is that because I have been so long not visit you?

Promise you that I will visit you once I back hometown.
Do pray for me and you are alwalys there in my heart,,,,,
Forever friend,,,,,,

Losing my identity

This suddenly pop-up in my mind today and because I recall that someone have recently tell me that I am losing my identity. Actually the discussion really make me think how true is the statement.

I am thinking is that I really in someone's shadow?  This have make me lost my strong voice and identity......or actually I still the same. Seriously, sometimes I really feel bad as I feel hopeless and I not sure what is right and wrong.

Anyway. I hope this is just temporarily and I will overcome this issue as soon as possible.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Teluk Intan

Last week 28 July 2012, I manage to have a short trip to Teluk Intan with my fellow colleague. I am joining the group of 24 years old youngster !!!

They remind me on how life should,travel, relax and have fun. I guess when I am with them, I have become more enegetic ...hahaha.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Feel so comfortable in office !!

Is 6.17pm and I am still in office. I really enjoy the feeling of be alone in the office with great music.
Seriously, I hope time can stop now as I feel soooooo comfortable now.

This morning, I went to USM and meet my supervisor to confirm on my thesis framework.
Ergghh, there is still few amendments need to be done before I can proceed with the case analysis in India. Just wonder, can I write a journal and publish before my VIVA presentation as request by my supervisor.

Reading , reading  and reading - this is what am I should do to have more information. Feeling tired sometimes and just wonder do I really will have satisfaction after I complete the study.

Anyway, I really feel blessed  because my family and friends is alwalys be my side to support me :)
Sometimes the encouragement and support really make me feel strong and able to remind me that I am not walking alone.

I will post on my interesting India trip :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Results out !!

Thanks and all pass and I no need to re-take my Spanish course paper 1.
But this is the worst grade I get in my entire MBA -IB course :)

There will be another semester to go.....and my aim is just make sure I will complete it.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Take a BREAK!!!

Manage to take a BREAK on this weekend .......

Guess what ? After several years in PENANG, this is the first time I attended BON ODORI event.
The event is good overall but I guess people are too shy ....... no one was really dance.

I not snap photo on the event as recently I kinda lazy.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Conversation between Heart and Brain (5)

Heart : Brain oh brain .....
Brain : Yes, heart
Heart:  Brain, I am worry.......

*The conversation end here, guess heart do not know what she is worry about *

Sunday, July 1, 2012

1st July ......

Time really flies......and today is 1st of July !!!
Gosh, I am running out of schedule is full and I know I must start to write and meet my supervisor within this 2 weeks and apply the visa.

I guess I have lost interest of study as sometimes I really really lazy to open up my book and start reading.........

Below is some of the book I must read to enable me to write a few words (perhaps) ......and certainly there will still a stack of journal in my computer folder.

Hang ON !!! Only few months..........

Monday, June 11, 2012

Another paper to go for this semester .....

Just done for one paper.
I really can't imagine that I decide to submit my examination paper earlier.
I think I do not the logic as if I insist to sit till the end of the time I will still not able to answer the question that I don't know.

As usual I am clear of my direction.....I just want a pass.
I guess the tough one should be the paper on 21 June.
This is the paper I must work really hard to ensure that I will not repear.

Looking forward to the 21st of June as this will be the last paper of the semester.
Then I will need to work hard for the Thesis........

Night and sweet dream ("@")

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Sleeping is one of my hobbies and seriously it still be my hobby if I have more times.

My sister is telling my cousin sister that she wonder how "ME" able to sleep late at night and wake up early in the morning......since last time I like a pig  ( Sleeping and sleeping only).

Sometimes I guess to have more time we need to sacrife the sleeping time.
This is the logic behind it......I hope everything will be over soon and I can back to my hobbies :)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Congratulations to my MENTOR

Today is the last day of my Mentor .......
I guess the right word : "Congratulations " and I happy for you.

Seriously, I really think it do need guts to do that,
Really wish him all the best in everything :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mid-Term and study week

It's near to the end of semester.
This months seem full of assignment submission and mif-terms.
Next month, it will be another remarkable of the fifth semester of my course........

Seriously, I am exhausted now .....
Guess this will be happen till end of June.... I need to motivate myself now and keep remember what is priority now.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Labour Day - 1st May

This blog is not updated for few weeks....
I really feel blessed to have many great friend ......for being there for me :)

I guess everyone can sense that I not really in good condition recently.

Blogging  is the only place where I can express my feeling and be true with myself.
It is hard for me to motivate myself......after I have lost faith and trust.
I just tell myself be strong as I can make it........few months to go !!!

I remind myself that "What people think is good, not neccesarily good for me"....
Just tell yourself, don't be regret and just move on with you plan.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Intuition, expected the unexpected

I guess this post will be something similiar to "Limitation" .........
Seriously, I lost my passion.......and I completely do not where I can find it.

It's nearly 10 months......but I still cannot find my passion.
Situation goes worst each day, especially when I see people left the organization.
Aside from that, I guess I do feel pressure on my class as well.

Seriously, I am expected not able to perform well in my work but I never predict that I really will feel unhappy to read escalation mails. I think this is what I means expected the unexpecteed.  I know I might alwalys keep forget on update data and slow response and I guess the only reason or excuse I can comfort myself is I never good in tactical work.

I remember last time my senior do tell me ....
"You really not good in tactical work and system data integrationn"
I do admit my weakness and I guess I know myself well that I never ever want to venture on the works of too tactical as I know I not really can perform. I am not a details type of person.

Sometimes I really too naive as thought I am "all-rounder" and I am learner.
I am a learner for the things that I want or love to learn.
Seriously, if things that you force yourself to do make you feel unhappy.

I know, I expected but I really unexpected this is the outcome.
What I gain on this is I know there is lots of people concern on me......but minus the BOSS  !!!!
The way of listening to all my craps really can temporarily help me forget the problem, but I not sure is this long term soluation.

What else I can do ?
Think what sense?
Give more times to them understand you.......hmmmm, I guess this is not work for me and them?
Feel bless ... I know I should .

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Is April ....... 2012

Just now I just read through my project management schedule and November 2012 will be the VIVA for me. Gosh ........this means I just have 7 months to prepare and present. In another words, if  everything goes well I will graduate on early next year.

There are still many things I not yet prepare and I am stuck on where should I start.
Hmmm ... I guess I really need to plan on the fligh ticket and accomodation within 2 weeks.

Really hope I have more and more times.......instead of 24 hours I wish I can get more !!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What should I do....

Tired.......tired and tired !!!
This is what I feel right brain is empty and I cannot think of work or study.
I just back from USM and official I have get a supervisor for my management paper.

The interesting part ...I just know that I have so many things still not really catch-up.
When I see on the schedule I feel like....Gosh, can I really cope with 3 subjects this semester with my job ?

A little bit worry.....but what to do? Complaining does not help.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Ages problem?  Hmmmmm - I think so.....
Recently, I really have a bad headache. I try to not take any medicine to control but usually I fail due to the pain.

This headache come quiet frequent and I am not sure is due to stress or not enough sleep.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Official class start ......

This week my class officially start. I have enrolled 3 core subject.......International Financial Management, Spanish 1 and Project Management 1.

I have class on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday and Sunday is prepare for Project Management study......I guess there will be a tough 4 months.

P/S: Listening to music and forget about work like now is great!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Limitation .....

I again in the situation where I feel "LOST".
I cannot said that I give all out but I believe I already do a great job.
It is really bad for a person to keep blaming and complaining.(ME)
Trying to resolve each issue is really hectic and now the question come to my mind....
"Angel, do you think the additional time you spend worth it? "

We do raise up the concern but is that someone really care to improve ......... perhaps they only want to seek improvement from my side. I am thinking what is my limitation?
I am feeling bad because I really not a part of the team........

To be the only the youngest and less working experience cause I not mature on searching for soluation. I really don't know......I am learning and at the end I only junior level.
I am still very much in adjusting myself to the team.

Anyway, something that make me feel better is receive mail on my previous colleague.
The feeling being recognize is really great.
This is something I look for and I still searching here.

Monday, January 30, 2012

365 days .......

Is this a timeline?
Sometimes I really wonder what is the best decision for me
Sometimes I think oppurtunity is not coming on the right time.......

Today, I decide to have a good rest and will not work at all even I do worry on tomorrow.....anyway I think I do deserve not working after office hour right? Hahahaha.......

I am thinking should I sleep now ..... even I am really tired of doing nothing in the whole afternoon.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Conversation between Heart and Brain (4)

Brain : I can't sleep !!!
Heart : Again......
(hmmm - we are having same problem )

Brain : Yayayaya
Heart: Is 27 Jan already........

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Swings swings........

Swings swings swings........I guess this my mood tonight.
Today I reach home before 5pm then I decide to go and swim. (hmmmm - actually is walking in the swimming pool ). This is the only option I have since I cannot really do heavy exercise ........

I "ON" my laptop but I just feel tired to check my mail .....then I decide search you tube. This is what I do when I feel tired and not sure what can I do. I spend 4 hours ....and now I feel sleepy.

Oh NO!!!! I just wonder, will I wake up at the midnight ........I still feel tension now.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Quote on expectations:
“There were two ways to be happy: improve your reality, or lower your expectations”   

Do I set a high expectation to myself?
This is the question I ask myself. I remember I do read a book that we need to set an expectation to ensure we keep motivate ourselves.

Recently, I really dislike going to work. Actually, I know the reason  ........

How fast I can recover this time?