Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Official class start ......

This week my class officially start. I have enrolled 3 core subject.......International Financial Management, Spanish 1 and Project Management 1.

I have class on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday and Sunday is prepare for Project Management study......I guess there will be a tough 4 months.

P/S: Listening to music and forget about work like now is great!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Limitation .....

I again in the situation where I feel "LOST".
I cannot said that I give all out but I believe I already do a great job.
It is really bad for a person to keep blaming and complaining.(ME)
Trying to resolve each issue is really hectic and now the question come to my mind....
"Angel, do you think the additional time you spend worth it? "

We do raise up the concern but is that someone really care to improve ......... perhaps they only want to seek improvement from my side. I am thinking what is my limitation?
I am feeling bad because I really not a part of the team........

To be the only the youngest and less working experience cause I not mature on searching for soluation. I really don't know......I am learning and at the end I only junior level.
I am still very much in adjusting myself to the team.

Anyway, something that make me feel better is receive mail on my previous colleague.
The feeling being recognize is really great.
This is something I look for and I still searching here.