Thursday, April 5, 2012

Intuition, expected the unexpected

I guess this post will be something similiar to "Limitation" .........
Seriously, I lost my passion.......and I completely do not where I can find it.

It's nearly 10 months......but I still cannot find my passion.
Situation goes worst each day, especially when I see people left the organization.
Aside from that, I guess I do feel pressure on my class as well.

Seriously, I am expected not able to perform well in my work but I never predict that I really will feel unhappy to read escalation mails. I think this is what I means expected the unexpecteed.  I know I might alwalys keep forget on update data and slow response and I guess the only reason or excuse I can comfort myself is I never good in tactical work.

I remember last time my senior do tell me ....
"You really not good in tactical work and system data integrationn"
I do admit my weakness and I guess I know myself well that I never ever want to venture on the works of too tactical as I know I not really can perform. I am not a details type of person.

Sometimes I really too naive as thought I am "all-rounder" and I am learner.
I am a learner for the things that I want or love to learn.
Seriously, if things that you force yourself to do make you feel unhappy.

I know, I expected but I really unexpected this is the outcome.
What I gain on this is I know there is lots of people concern on me......but minus the BOSS  !!!!
The way of listening to all my craps really can temporarily help me forget the problem, but I not sure is this long term soluation.

What else I can do ?
Think what sense?
Give more times to them understand you.......hmmmm, I guess this is not work for me and them?
Feel bless ... I know I should .

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