Friday, August 31, 2012

Interesting India Part 5 : Something interesting to share.....

Interesting India Part 4 : Trip plan for 2 days 1 Night ( Mysore & Belur)

Let's me share the trip plan .......
Since I am in Bangalore, India so I guess no matter what happen I shall arrange a trip for myself. I really amaze with the statue, sculptures  and history of India after this trip .

First Day:

7-8am : Breakfast at Kamat Lokarunchi (55km from Bangalore) or Adigas (80km from Bangalore) . If you not really interesting on the local food then you may stop at Cafe Coffee Days ( India's equivalent of Starbuck) along the way to Mysore.

10am : It was expected you will reach Mysore so just proceed to visit the Palace. The place is really big and you may spend few hours there and remember to get an audio transalator if you interested on their history.

1.00pm : Lunch at Hotel Regaalis. I really enjoy my lunch there as it will be my first international buffet after a week in Bangalore.

2.00pm : Proceeed to Krishna Raja Sagar ( Botanical Gardens ) and it was 20 km from Mysore.
Seriously, if you have time I will propose you stay there till the night to see the interesting night view. I miss the night view.

5.00pm : Chamundi Hills ( If you are lucky, you will able to see the sunset ) and there is a temple in the hills which you can visit.

630pm: You can head to Devraj Urs road for evening road and have dinner at Royal Orchid Metropole. I do skip this as I not really take my dinner so I just proceed to hotel and have a good rest,

Second Day:
7am : Have breakfast at Mysore before proceed to Belur. Go to Mylari Hotel in Nazarbad and order Masala Dosa which cost you INR 20/piece.

Hotel Original Mylari
#79, Nazarbad Main Road,
Mysore – 570010.

100% local experience and you may need to share table as the restaurant is small.

7.45am : You may start your journey to Belur and it take about 3 hours.

10.45am : You shall reach the temple and you need to take 2-3 hours to enjoy the outstanding temple. You may get a guide to have a better understanding on the historical of the temple. Look at the sculpture as the architecture have been more than thousand years old.

1230pm : There is not really lots of choice so you just grab anything to eat. Then you can go to Shravanabelagola.

2.00pm : It take 5 hours from Belur to Bangalore. Gosh !!! Such a long journey.


Interesting India Part 3 : Striking Green Chicken Rice

I am very hungry !!! I go through the room service menu and I order Lee Foo Chicken Rice which was under Chinse Cuisine.
TADAH !!!!

Suprise, here is my dinner "Striking Green Colour" rice. Seriously, I have a shock when I see the chicken rice but because I am too hungry ...... I force myself to eat some of the chicken rice. The taste is acceptable just the combination of the colour just weird for me.


Interesting India Part 2 : Luggage Delay

I am so unlucky as when I reach Bengaluru International Airport at about 10pm, I see my name in the board of luggage collection area. Miss Yeong please proceed to the luggage counter.
Oh NO!!! I am so worry on that time as I thought my luggage is lost. I walk to the counter and hope the people in charge able to tell what actually is happen. He told me that my luggage still in Singapore and apologize for their mistake. I shall able to get back by tomorrow as SIA will send over it my hotel. Guess I am too tired and really do not have energy for arguement with SIA so I just tell them what should I do as all my attire in the a minute they pass me INR 2500.
Things have happen and I could not do anyting, so I just proceed to arrival hall and searching for my name. Yeah, I see my name and just proceed to get in the car and reach hotel after one and half hour journey.
Then I just check in the room and sleep .
* Picture above is what I do with the scraft for shopping day * 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Interesting India Part 1 - Checklist before Depart on 11 August

Yes, I am going to India :)

What should be in my checklist before depart ....
  • Ensure ticket purchase ( Penang - Singapore - Bangalore )
  • Visa ready - it take about a week to process and it's was really simple. (  just go to this link and follow few simple process then just drop by the India Service Centre (Penang) with your passport, photo and cash.
  • Get letter from USM ( This is to ensure I am the student of USM and will conduct a research for the organization)
  • Food ( As usual I will bring my favourite chocolate drink together with me - MILO !!! )
  • Change INR and US Dollar.
  • Call Credit Card centre to inform them on the duration of the trip. This is to ensure credit card will not block for purchase.
  • Extra battery for handphone, camera , charger for laptop, camera and handphone.

Remember to do online checking to avoid long queue.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Care & Love

Care & love from all of you really make me warm :)
Seriously, I feel bless with the care and love all of you have show to me.

Appreciate and I promise will take good care of myself.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Counting down.....4...3...2...1 !!

I am feeling worry more than exicited for my trip on this Saturday. I guess because I hear too much on the negative side.

Really cannot imagine how would it be as I will travel alone this time budget :)  Aside worry on the travel I do start to worry on lots of stuff such as work , food, transportation and.........

I really need to stay safe all the time and hope I will meet with lots of good people. Just pray for me to be safe till I back.

Monday, August 6, 2012

I cannot recall how many years actually you have gone !

I nearly forget how long you have been leave me!! All the memory have been fade away slowly but I don't know why I am missing you now......

I remember that I do promise you that I will be stay happp and believe you will be there to protect me and help me. Recently, I really cannot feel your existance ..... just wonder is that because I have been so long not visit you?

Promise you that I will visit you once I back hometown.
Do pray for me and you are alwalys there in my heart,,,,,
Forever friend,,,,,,

Losing my identity

This suddenly pop-up in my mind today and because I recall that someone have recently tell me that I am losing my identity. Actually the discussion really make me think how true is the statement.

I am thinking is that I really in someone's shadow?  This have make me lost my strong voice and identity......or actually I still the same. Seriously, sometimes I really feel bad as I feel hopeless and I not sure what is right and wrong.

Anyway. I hope this is just temporarily and I will overcome this issue as soon as possible.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Teluk Intan

Last week 28 July 2012, I manage to have a short trip to Teluk Intan with my fellow colleague. I am joining the group of 24 years old youngster !!!

They remind me on how life should,travel, relax and have fun. I guess when I am with them, I have become more enegetic ...hahaha.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Feel so comfortable in office !!

Is 6.17pm and I am still in office. I really enjoy the feeling of be alone in the office with great music.
Seriously, I hope time can stop now as I feel soooooo comfortable now.

This morning, I went to USM and meet my supervisor to confirm on my thesis framework.
Ergghh, there is still few amendments need to be done before I can proceed with the case analysis in India. Just wonder, can I write a journal and publish before my VIVA presentation as request by my supervisor.

Reading , reading  and reading - this is what am I should do to have more information. Feeling tired sometimes and just wonder do I really will have satisfaction after I complete the study.

Anyway, I really feel blessed  because my family and friends is alwalys be my side to support me :)
Sometimes the encouragement and support really make me feel strong and able to remind me that I am not walking alone.

I will post on my interesting India trip :)