Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Feel so comfortable in office !!

Is 6.17pm and I am still in office. I really enjoy the feeling of be alone in the office with great music.
Seriously, I hope time can stop now as I feel soooooo comfortable now.

This morning, I went to USM and meet my supervisor to confirm on my thesis framework.
Ergghh, there is still few amendments need to be done before I can proceed with the case analysis in India. Just wonder, can I write a journal and publish before my VIVA presentation as request by my supervisor.

Reading , reading  and reading - this is what am I should do to have more information. Feeling tired sometimes and just wonder do I really will have satisfaction after I complete the study.

Anyway, I really feel blessed  because my family and friends is alwalys be my side to support me :)
Sometimes the encouragement and support really make me feel strong and able to remind me that I am not walking alone.

I will post on my interesting India trip :)

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