Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Interesting India Part 1 - Checklist before Depart on 11 August

Yes, I am going to India :)

What should be in my checklist before depart ....
  • Ensure ticket purchase ( Penang - Singapore - Bangalore )
  • Visa ready - it take about a week to process and it's was really simple. (http://www.indiavisa.com.my/)  just go to this link and follow few simple process then just drop by the India Service Centre (Penang) with your passport, photo and cash.
  • Get letter from USM ( This is to ensure I am the student of USM and will conduct a research for the organization)
  • Food ( As usual I will bring my favourite chocolate drink together with me - MILO !!! )
  • Change INR and US Dollar.
  • Call Credit Card centre to inform them on the duration of the trip. This is to ensure credit card will not block for purchase.
  • Extra battery for handphone, camera , charger for laptop, camera and handphone.

Remember to do online checking to avoid long queue.

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