Friday, August 31, 2012

Interesting India Part 2 : Luggage Delay

I am so unlucky as when I reach Bengaluru International Airport at about 10pm, I see my name in the board of luggage collection area. Miss Yeong please proceed to the luggage counter.
Oh NO!!! I am so worry on that time as I thought my luggage is lost. I walk to the counter and hope the people in charge able to tell what actually is happen. He told me that my luggage still in Singapore and apologize for their mistake. I shall able to get back by tomorrow as SIA will send over it my hotel. Guess I am too tired and really do not have energy for arguement with SIA so I just tell them what should I do as all my attire in the a minute they pass me INR 2500.
Things have happen and I could not do anyting, so I just proceed to arrival hall and searching for my name. Yeah, I see my name and just proceed to get in the car and reach hotel after one and half hour journey.
Then I just check in the room and sleep .
* Picture above is what I do with the scraft for shopping day * 

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