Sunday, October 7, 2012

Officially sick again !!!

October, I visited a clinic again !! Actually I have forget how many times I have visited clinic for this year.......

Actually, I really hate to fall sick because of I need to go and visit doctor by myself ...... then driving back alone and tell everyone that I am good and not to be worry. After I had my medicine, I sleep from 5pm to the next morning. Seriously, I sleep more that 12 hours .....and this really a record to me :)
Since I already promise to attend the Lantern Festival organize by my colleague...even I am sick I still can push myself to attend. Oh NO !!!  I just not really can eat but I guess it will be ok to be there and play lantern. It have been long time I never play lantern :)
Hmmm - what can I said more......feel warm with all the blessing and wishes of speedy recover. I will take care myself and will ensure that my bag will have foods inside. Aside from that, even stay late I will take care myself.

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