Monday, November 19, 2012

VIVA done.....

Trust me sometimes luck do play an important role in the VIVA presentation
I guess today I not really have a good luck as getting a "killer" examiner for my VIVA.
Last semester my senior have the same examiner and he do feel that this examiner really have problem in undestand the IB student thesis which is based on case I face the same problem as examiner question  me on the sample size and I inform her according to the guidelines we are require to have minumum 3 respondent.

Examiner even propose me to do half qualitative and half qualitative thesis......I just feel speechless as for IB student we must do a qualitative research which require us to be place outside Malaysia for 2 weeks. Seriously, I really have trouble to defend each of her question.

Anyway, it have already pass and nothing much I can do for now. The correction list will be ready by next Thursday and not sure how much correction require me to amend in the final thesis. My supervisor do tell me that not to be worry as I do pass my VIVA just maybe I not in a good luck as get a very strict or should I said do not understand the requirement of IB student.

Many things need to focus on tomorrow even deep inside my heart I do feel lazy to work due to the current working environment/job scope. I still need to work hard for the least to pass in this semester before I can get out from the tunnel.


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