Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yum Cha-ing

Finally, I manage to meet my senior after more than a year never meet.
She is my senior in my ex-company....
Lots of update from her regarding some of my ex-colleague.

One of the most interesting update is one of my friend have broke-up with his 8 years relationship girl friend. Serious, I am really shock to hear on this news as last year both of them just manage to get a house together.Just wonder "we understand each other too much, so I think is better to break up" is valid reason? Hmmm.........

Then as usual, as a sister she do ask for the update from me.......such as "HOW" is my life, study, work........and last but not least do I have a boyfriend. Actually, I know she is care and concern on me but sometimes the last question really hard to answer. As usual my standard answer is NOPE and any good recommendation.....hahaha.

Anyway, it is a great night chatting with her ....thinking back on when I join in the company as entry buyer and after changing few job we still have a good relationship. Hahaha......

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