Sunday, January 6, 2013

Great Weekend !!!

First weekend of the year 2013.....
In the morning, take care my little nephew....
It is really tired taking care of little monster but I am happy to play with him......

The rest of the day, I just watch youtube.....
I really can spend more than 8 hours browsing and I feel amaze with myself as well :)
After dinner, I just clean up my room.

Manage to re-read an old book "He's just not that into you".
I found this book when I am cleaning my room.......
If I remembered correctly, this is a book given by my sister 4-5 years back.

I not sure how true is the theory on this book regarding man.......but it was a nice book.



  1. i nak pinjam!! "He's just not that into you"

    1. Sure, you can come and get from me when you free. If I remember you also have one interesting book for me to read right?

    2. haha....that book title is "Why Men love Bitches" ...tapi i pun tak abis baca lagi...hehe