Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oppps...30 years old ("@")

Officially I am 30 years old !!!
What really in my mind now is…. I really feel blessed and appreciate that GOD provide me with an understanding family and supportive friends. Guess when grow older I know how to appreciate more compare when young.

This Saturday my friend call me and tell me that her sister text her that she want to commit suicide…..and in my mind is what happen to this little girl. What I can do is just provide some advice as I think the best things I can do is listening and learning.  I am thinking and try to imagine what is her little sister is thinking when she send out the text………she just 23 years old.

Just wonder why sometimes I can provide support and advice but I cannot heal myself when I am in dilemma. Recently, I really try my  best to control my anger and emotional…..I just wonder when I have the courage to walk away from what am I doing. I guess I am worry on how people look on me.....that the reason why I am holding back my decision.

I have keep telling myself that everywhere is the same……this is working life. I just not sure how long this myth able to keep me stay in my current roles. I really not happy and do not have passion at all in my work. I am complaining and keep complaining.....seriously I really feel to accept unequal treatment is hard. I really wish there is Angel or miracle happen in my life such as win a lottery ticket and become and billionaire......guess this is the best soluation.


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