Sunday, April 28, 2013

What my next step?

After the long journey of 3.5 years......I manage to complete the study. So, what next ...... ?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Worry on ME :)

A quick update......

- My friends is worry on me as they are now very persistent to introduce more friends to me and enlarge my circle of friends. Since one of my friend really put lots of efforts on arranging lunch then I attended the lunch .....gosh it so weird but surely a good experience for me.

- Things really not happen as what you plan sometimes. April will be a tough months with my aunt admit to hospital ( today is the 4th day ) , my sister will deliver on this month and my convo will be next week. Everyone in the family look really busy and I guess I will lost my room for 1 month since aunt will be staying with us until fully recover. Luckily my mum is good and she just minor hurt on her leg.........

- Work ...nothing special. I still lost the passion as each time I thought I found it but in another second I lost it......

- Book a trip for next year  - Really hope I can make it !!!

Keep telling myself everything will be ok :)